Our Services

Bespoke Design

We specialise in bespoke design and manufacture. In today’s world of mass-production, discerning clients are seeking more individual and exclusive designs for their homes. We have specialist and highly experienced designers who can turn these exclusive visions into reality. When your completed product leaves our Blaydon workshop, it will be your unique design crafted to your highest expectations.

Traditional Craftsmanship

We don’t use traditional craftsmanship for nostalgic reasons. We use it when it produces the best result. For example, with a single carving there is no better or cost-effective way to do it than by hand.

We use a wide variety of sustainably-sourced soft and hardwoods. These are selected by traditional craftsmen with many years experience.

Traditional methods enable us to produce exclusive, high quality products.

Modern Technology

Our specialist designers produce CAD detailed plans and drawings of your commission. When you have approved them, they are then passed to the workshop where our state-of-the-art cutting machines and lathes start turning your plans into reality.

We use modern, non-toxic adhesives which do not have the shortfalls of the traditional wood glues, and the latest paint and varnish technology, where it is best suited to the application. Whenever we can use modern technology to improve a product, we will.

Exceptional Service

We are committed to offering exceptional service before, during and after the installation of your commission.

This process begins with a competitively priced and detailed quotation, followed by the allocation of a specific Project Manager to work with you during the entire process.

The Project Manager will obtain your approval of the detailed plans and drawings. During the construction process, you are most welcome to visit our workshops. Your Project Manager will liase with you during the installation and will also be responsible for after-sales service, thus ensuring your complete satisfaction.